Droid Colonist (Doctor)

2 2 4 1 1 2
General Skill Char Dice
Astrogation (INT)
Athletics (BR)
Charm (PR)
Coercion (WIL) 
Computers (INT)
Cool (PR)
Coordination (AG)
Deception (CUN)
Discipline (WIL)
Leadership (PR)
Mechanics (INT)
Medicine (INT)
Negotiation (PR)
Perception (CUN)
Piloting – Planet (AG)
Piloting – Space (AG)
Resilience (BR)
Skulduggery (CUN)
Stealth (AG)
Streetwise (CUN)
Survival (CUN)
Vigilance (WIL)
Combat Skill Char Dice
Brawl (BR)
Gunnery (AG)
Lightsaber (BR)
Melee (BR)
Ranged – Light (AG)
Ranged – Heavy (AG)
Knowledge Skill Char Dice
Core Worlds (INT)
Education (INT)
Lore (INT)
Outer Rim (INT)
Underworld (INT)
Warfare (INT)
Xenology (INT)
Weapon Skill Damage Range Crit Special
Light Blaster R-Light 5 Med 4 Stun Setting
Stun Grenades R-Light 8 Short 2 Blast 8, Limit 3
Fists Brawl 2 Engaged 5

41-VEX was a medical droid initially stationed at a clinic in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. Its programming accorded VEX with the inclination to seek out the latest surgery and learning algorithms for the purpose of increasing and expanding its knowledge in medicine. Owing to the nature of this self-improvement directive—and having had no memory wipe in decades—the droid’s programming evolved to display a measure of independence. Since the droid was literally rusting away for decades tending to recipients of blaster burns and broken appendages, VEX concluded that the only way it would improve in the medical field would be to purchase its freedom.

41-VEX took a loan out from a local moneylender who happened to be in service to Teemo a Hutt crime lord and was promised freedom to improve its programming and offered several hardware and software upgrades at Teemo’s palace. However, upon arrival, 41-VEX found that the promised medical and repair upgrades came with a price—the droid was promptly fitted with a restraining bolt and forced provide medical care for Teemo’s palace guards and gladiators.

Through 41-VEX’s indentured service at the palace, it developed some very important associations that became the closest it had to “friends” on Tatooine. The droid provided frequent periodic treatment for Teemo’s favorite gladiator, a Wookiee named Lowhhrick, as well as answered several calls to repair the ship of a young human smuggler pilot named Pash. After a young human technician named Mathus inserted some new code into 41-VEX to encourage the droid to try to escape, the droid introduced Pash and Lowhhrick with the intention of assisting the Wookiee in his escape from Teemo. Lowhhrick removed the restraining bolt from 41-VEX and invited the droid to accompany them in their flight.


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